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Absolutely. They have absolutely been pounding farmers with new regulations and taxes. I honestly feel terrible. My son took over the farm, and I sometimes think, wow, what did I put the poor guy into?
You know, the BRMs for instance, it's like they pat you on the head and say, “You know, there's money in the BRMs”. Well, they're not working. They know they're not working, and then they tell us that's where the solution is.
I was talking to a friend who's in the chicken processing industry, and he was saying that their industry is down 7.5% across the country in what it is processing. The government is asking us to ensure that there's food security, but we're the ones who are taking on all the risks, all the costs.
How do you think we're going to encourage farmers to invest in their farms when we don't have any clarity from government where we're going. How can farmers be expected to ensure there's food when we don't have the right kind of support?
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