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Thanks very much, Mr. Chair.
I should note that the Conservative motion from a few weeks ago, which was not voted on in Parliament, would have only given us three and a half hours for discussion of the estimates tomorrow night. We actually have more because of the NDP motion than we would have had with the Conservative motion. I think that's an important note to make.
Thank you very much to our witnesses for being here. We deeply appreciate your availability. We hope that your families are safe and healthy.
I have two questions to start for the Ministry of Finance.
First off, are there any projections in terms of corporate loan writeoffs for this year? In 2018, the federal government wrote off about $2.6 billion in corporate loans. Earlier this year, 2019-20, they wrote off $196 million. We still don't know which company received that benefit.
The second is on the amount, the line item in the main estimates around managing government assets including the Trans Mountain pipeline. We are losing $150 million a year with Trans Mountain. Is there a projection within the Ministry of Finance for the construction costs currently?
Has it been updated? The last one we had from the company is way out of date. The costs have skyrocketed since then.
Has the Ministry of Finance done an estimate of the cancellation costs? If we cancel the project right now, how much would Canadians save?
Those are my questions to start.
Thanks for being here.
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