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Mr. Chair, I have boundless admiration for people who are extraordinarily talented.
Guided by a passion for peonies, Martinus Mooijekind, horticulturist and former mayor of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, has put all his love, creativity and know-how of the last 10 years into creating a brand new peony in an extraordinary pink. This majestic peony, entirely developed in my riding, will officially bear the name “Pauline Marois”.
Jocelyne Hudon describes this horticultural masterpiece. She says that, inspired by the strength and conviction of her muse, the Pauline proclaims her independence loud and clear by opening her petals wide. She adds that, straight on her stem, the Pauline resists the wind and scatters her stamens that have become peonies to cover the fields like the militant taking possession of her country.
What beautiful words, which express so well the importance of Ms. Marois for Quebec!
What a nice way, Mr. Mooijekind, to dedicate your life's work. I offer you my sincerest thanks and congratulations.
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