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Mr. Chair, I never ever thought I would be doing a member's statement about my friend Neil Jamieson, in large part because Neil would have been the very first person to blast me for having the idea.
Neil was very candid that way. You see, Neil was not the type to seek credit or attention. He was one of those persons who, while successful in business, was even more successful quietly toiling away in the background. He had a real passion for youth sports, in particular his Penticton Vees, and he enjoyed racing cars at the local speedway.
Neil contributed to far more causes than I could possibly tell you about in this short period of time, but I will say this: There are many necessary ingredients needed to build a vibrant community, none of which come together by accident. They happen because behind the scenes, people like Neil Jamieson work hard, give back and build a stronger country for us all.
I am sad to say earlier this month we lost Neil to cancer. He was 60 years old, a father to Jackson, a husband to Michelle, and a community leader. Neil was a great friend to us all, and we will not forget him.
Rest in peace, Neil. Rest in peace.
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