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Mr. Chair, I have the pleasure of presenting a petition signed by 928 citizens from the south shore of Montreal.
Considering the various nuisances resulting, day and night, from the operations of the Saint-Hubert airport for the surrounding populations, the signatories ask the Government of Canada to take the concrete actions deemed necessary so that the flight zone, corridors and air ingress and egress are limited above residential neighbourhoods for all types of aircraft.
They are asking that the Saint-Hubert airport regulate all its activities in order to ensure health and safety: curfew, schedule, frequency, altitude and flights, and noise abatement measures.
They are asking that the airport authority be subject to full impact studies and public hearings for any changes that could have an impact on the quality of life, health and safety of citizens.
They are asking for an independent, accountable committee made up of representatives of the cities concerned, non-partisan citizens and invited experts to be set up to manage the nuisance arising from airport activities.
Finally, they are asking that the airport be returned to the jurisdiction of the greater Longueuil community, and that it assume management control by appointing a majority of members to the board of directors.
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