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Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I am presenting two petitions. The first, which has been signed by over 1,000 people, points out that artists, artisans and technicians are at the heart of our cultural industry. These jobs, which are already precarious, have been hard hit by the current pandemic-related crisis. They expect to receive financial support. Pilot projects on guaranteed income, particularly in Finland, show all the benefits this can bring. These people are therefore asking that a guaranteed minimum income be granted to people in the cultural field and, subsequently, if possible, to all Quebeckers and Canadians.
My second petition has been signed by over 2,800 people. It is recognized that many refugee protection claimants registered and worked during the crisis in our health care system, particularly in long-term care facilities, and that they also performed other essential tasks. These 2,800 people are asking that the status of these asylum seekers be regularized. These people are asking that at least permanent resident status be granted to these claimants in recognition of all the work they have done here in caring for our seniors and patients, among others. Their goal is for these claimants to be able to continue their lives in Quebec and Canada.
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