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Thank you, Madam Chair.
Like all Canadians, I was deeply disappointed to learn that Canada has once again failed to secure a seat on the United Nations Security Council. We failed under Stephen Harper's Conservatives, and Canada has now failed under this government as well.
When the Prime Minister announced in 2015 that Canada was back, it was an acknowledgement of how far Canada had fallen behind in our historical role on the world stage. Despite that proud declaration, this government has done little about it, and this rejection of Canada by UN member nations is a resounding condemnation of the failure of both the Conservatives and the Liberals to understand and seriously commit to a strong international effort.
I have a series of questions for the Prime Minister. You promised to increase Canada's support to UN peacekeeping efforts with 600 military members and 150 policy officers, yet UN figures show there were only 35 Canadians deployed on peacekeeping missions at the end of April. Ireland, with a population equivalent to Alberta, had 473 peacekeepers in the—
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