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Mr. Chair, culture is the soul of a people. Over the past 20 years or so, culture, especially music, has never been as accessible as it is now. Paradoxically, creators' incomes have never been so low. The advent of digital technology has completely overturned the system for distributing the wealth generated by creators for the benefit of various Web stakeholders, many of whom are billionaires. This petition addresses these problems and proposes realistic solutions.
The first is to set a minimum royalty model for streaming platforms for artists. The second is to update the existing private copying system. The third is for Internet and cell phone providers who sell their services as direct access to culture to share their profits with artists. The fourth is that the GAFAMs have to pay taxes on their services.
Six thousand people have already signed the first version of this petition, launched last month by musician Jordan Officer and supported by singer Barbara Secours.
As an artist, I am proud to present this petition today because the issues it raises are fundamental to the survival of Quebec culture.
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