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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Speaking to the motion, I will support the interpretation, and if the interpretation is not one hour for each of the ministers and then one hour for each of the ministry officials, I would be happy to move that amendment accordingly.
That's been the practice, I think, pretty well at every committee, so when I read the motion, even though it could be interpreted either way, when it said “separately”, I thought it meant separately from ministry officials, as opposed to separate ministries.
Of course, I'm ESL, so I could misinterpret anything and everything, I suppose.
Anyway, I would support that version of the configuration.
However, speaking to the timeline issue, Mr. Chair, and July 31, given that the timeline is such that we will have more time until November, I would suggest that we give it more time, only to allow us to figure out how to schedule all these things that we want to do.
We just passed the motion to finish the Canada summer jobs report by December 15. We have a standing issue with the housing issue and we have COVID, and now we have this. We just have to figure out within that timeline how we can fit it all in. This is not as a means to delay; I think it's absolutely essential for the minister and the officials to come before the committee to speak to supplementary estimates, but some flexibility in terms of the timeline would be useful.
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