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Mr. Chair, in commemoration of Italian Heritage Month, I would like to pay tribute to the Colombo Lodge and Italian Cultural Centre in Kamloops, British Columbia.
The Colombo Lodge was founded in 1914 and is an integral part of our community. Recently they began Colombo Cares take-home dinners with proceeds distributed to different non-profit organizations throughout the region.
Last month they very generously gave away hundreds of dinners to Royal Inland Hospital staff and paramedics for their tireless work throughout the pandemic.
In their own words they say, “Colombo Lodge is very proud of the Italians that have made Kamloops their home. Community members of Italian ancestry—past and present—have helped and continue to help Kamloops prosper as a giving, welcoming and inclusive community.”
Personally, I want to thank all members for their friendship and generosity over the years. Our community is forever grateful for their kindness.
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