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2020-06-15 12:55
Mr. Chair, the Conservatives have already tried to tarnish my reputation once. I won't accept, in front of witnesses who are waiting to appear, the insinuation that I'm making an amendment because I don't want to work.
I'm asking Mr. Jeneroux to retract his comments immediately. His comments are disgraceful. It's pointless to make these types of comments, which show a lack of respect for his colleagues. I said earlier why I wanted to delete the words. Since Mr. Fisher said that he agreed with me, does this mean that he doesn't want to work either?
I explained that this was strictly related to the series of motions moved and that we had to be able to finish our work and process the information. I speak from experience. I've made access to information requests in the past. Following these requests, I've drowned in a sea of completely irrelevant documents. I don't see the relevance of the text messages related to the first proposal, which was blocked several months ago. We can determine this during the debate based on the arguments.
I'm asking Mr. Jeneroux to show respect for his colleagues. I work and I'm known for being hard-working. I'd like him to retract his comments and insinuations, which once again seek to tarnish my reputation. The Conservatives were disgraceful last time, and they didn't even apologize. Yet three weeks later, they proposed the same thing.
Can we have a calm and substantive debate instead of ascribing motives to the individuals moving amendments?
Mr. Chair, I urge you to handle this properly, because this time it won't fly.
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