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Lib. (BC)
I call this meeting to order. Welcome, everyone, to meeting number 27 of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health. Pursuant to the order of reference of May 26, 2020, the committee is resuming its briefing on the Canadian response to the outbreak of the coronavirus.
To ensure an orderly meeting, I would like to outline a few rules to follow.
Interpretation in this video conference will work very much like in a regular committee meeting. You have the choice at the bottom of the screen of either floor, English or French.
As you are speaking, if you plan to alternate from one language to the other, you will need to also switch the interpretation channel so that it aligns with the language you are speaking. You might want to allow for a short pause when switching languages.
Before speaking, please wait until I recognize you by name. During questioning, the questioner will indicate to whom they want the question directed.
When you are ready to speak, you can click on the microphone icon to activate your mike.
As a reminder, all comments by members and witnesses should be addressed through the chair, and when you're not speaking, your mike should be on mute.
I now welcome our first panel of witnesses. From the Correctional Service of Canada, we have Ms. Anne Kelly, commissioner; Alain Tousignant, senior deputy commissioner; and Jennifer Wheatley, assistant commissioner, health services. As well, from the Parole Board of Canada, we have Sylvie Blanchet, executive vice-chairperson; and Daryl Churney, executive director general.
We will start with the Correctional Service of Canada. You have 10 minutes, please.
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