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Thank you, Mr. Jackson.
If there is anything you'd like to submit to the committee afterwards, too, because what we're looking for is anything that would help in any way, whether it's access to PPE or whatever that looks like, to get our economies functioning wherever they are.
My next questions are for the chiefs.
Chiefs Mathias, Fiddler and Poitras, again, thank you for joining us today.
Again, my file is economic development. I've see the lack of access to PPE and I've definitely read your stories online about that lack of access during the crisis. I know we have bands up in my neck of the woods in northern B.C. where access to PPE was a big problem to emergency plans and those sorts of things. It was a big challenge; they were left scrambling. I was buying bleach for them from Walmart so they could go out to deal with some of these situations.
That was then. Certainly things aren't great right now, but there's more of a hopeful place to go in our minds right now, and in our mind's eye is how we can get to that hopeful place in the future where our economies are functioning, not just the way they were before, but even better. What can we do? With COVID as the topic today, how do we get to that place?
We'll just start off with Chief Poitras and go to Chief Fiddler and then to Chief Mathias for just a few comments there.
How do we get our economies functioning again and even better?
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