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Yes, fair enough.
I have two questions for the Department of Finance and three questions for Mr. Carter.
As a comment to CRA, I'm glad you put that out. These are all elements covered under the Criminal Code already. The police can already do a follow-up when it comes to systemic fraud or people misusing social insurance numbers. I'm glad you have publicly said that. That's very important.
My comment would be that we have publicly available information around the Bahamas papers, the paradise papers, the Panama papers, the Isle of Man scam. No corporation has ever been charged, let alone convicted. I think it's a bit rich to focus on widows and students who may have inappropriately gotten the amount.
My questions are first for Mr. Carter.
You mentioned Trans Mountain. The construction costs obviously have to be revised. I'm a few blocks from Trans Mountain and there's not a single person in the Lower Mainland who believes that the costs will not be anything less than 50% higher than what you're projecting. I think it's about time that Trans Mountain did a revised construction schedule. My question is this: How much did we lose on Trans Mountain, including interest payments last year?
In terms of the LEEFF program, I have two questions. First off, how does CDEV intend to monitor executive bonuses and all of the things that are supposed to be conditions around the LEEFF, such as not to issue executive bonuses? What is the process in terms of LEEFF loan forgiveness? We've seen a lot of loans that have turned into grants and gifts in the past, even in January of this year. What would be the process if a company just wanted their loan forgiven? Is it the finance minister going to the board? Is it the board making a recommendation?
I have two questions for the Department of Finance.
Could I have some clarity around the supplementary unemployment benefits? There is still inconsistency about whether or not somebody on the CERB can receive a SUBP. We're hearing from other ministries that they can't. We heard from Finance that they can.
Last, I have a question on ferries as designated organizations. I'm thinking of BC Ferries. Where are we in designating ferry companies as organizations that are able to obtain the wage subsidy?
Thank you very much.
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