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I would say and suggest that with all the loan guarantees being offered, we've socialized the risk and continue to privatize the profit, but I'll move on to my next question.
For people with disabilities, for one one-thousandth of what is being provided to Canada's big banks, every person with a disability across the country could receive a small benefit of $600 to weather this crisis. There was a misfire with the government's announcement that it would only apply to people who have the disability tax credit, which means, largely, people with disabilities who have a taxable income. However, the poorest of the poor among people with disabilities are not covered, yet within the Canada Revenue Agency you have access to information on those who receive the CPP disability, those who use alternative formats through disabled access to CRA, and through the T5007, access to who is getting disability supports through the provinces.
Why are you not extending the benefit to every person with a disability?
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