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Thanks very much to our guests. I appreciate your frank answers.
I have two questions.
First, what is the sum total of the investments of CPPIB in tobacco companies, private prisons and weapons manufacturers? I know that's been an issue that has arisen in the past. You've divested of at least two private prisons. I'd like to know what the existing investments are.
Second, there has been a mention about the CPP pushing for more diversity on the boards of companies in which they have investments. I noticed the interesting phrase that the CPP will not vote for managing directors if the board has no women directors and where no exception is warranted. Could you explain what the exception is?
I don't see any reference to people of colour and indigenous people on corporate boards. That, of course, is a big problem in Canada. Is it the intent of the CPPIB to weigh in to ensure that Canada's corporations have more diversity on their boards of directors?
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