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Thank you, Chair.
First of all, thank you for clarifying. That was the question I was going to ask, whether there are any outstanding witnesses whom time has prevented us from seeing. It sounds as though that is not the case.
My one concern.... I agree; I would like to set a date. It's important for the House to know when we're going to have this completed. I do agree with Mr. Richards, if there is a way for us to come back at the end of August or the beginning of September to look at what has happened. I know I'll be watching closely what's happening in British Columbia, because of course they're going to start going back to their legislature and doing it in a hybrid model towards the end of June. It would be good for us to have an opportunity to reflect on anything we've seen. I encourage us to consider that seriously.
Maybe the following week, July 15 or 17.... I say that hoping we can meet the week of July 10 but then give ourselves time at the end to get the final reports done, to have them tabled. I just don't want to see us rushing again, the day after the night. I just think about the last time. We were trying to get our report done and then get it translated and submitted. That was a very short timeline, so I'm especially thinking of that.
That's my sense of the conversation at this point. I look forward to hearing from other people.
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