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Sure. In my home province of British Columbia, we're exempt from the federal pricing scheme because we have our own system. Propane is exempt from the motor fuel tax but not yet the carbon tax provincially. That's certainly something that can be looked at. I think if it's quite demonstrable that propane or liquefied natural gas is being used exclusively for farming operations, then it's a worthwhile thing to look at, especially as we're helping farmers through this transition period.
I want to move on. You talked a bit about the federal benefits that have been announced, but I want to drill down a little more on some of the financial help that's been put out there to help businesses obtain personal protective equipment and to reorganize their workspaces, as well as the amount of funding that's been given to make temporary foreign workers comply with the Quarantine Act, and so on.
Can you give us some feedback on how those specific financial measures are or are not working and whether there's room for improvement, i.e., whether more money is needed for those specific things?
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