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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Thank you to all the witnesses for their presentations.
I'm going to first start with Mr. Ross, carrying on with the issue around co-op housing.
As you indicated, the federal government pretty well pulled out of the building of housing back in the 1990s, and included with that, of course, was co-op housing. The impact has been great. The government is engaging in the renewal of operating agreements, another realm of short-term renewal. What I hear from the co-op sector is that, as we keep on talking about renewal of agreements, we're not really talking about new stock, because we're just trying to stay afloat at this moment. I wonder if you can quickly comment about what we really need to do.
Would you support the federal government coming back with a co-op housing program similar to the one that was dismantled before? In terms of the renewal, would you have any recommendations in terms of the length of term, and associated with it, the requirements for the subsidies, for keeping up with the cost-of-living increases and so on?
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