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Thank you very much for that. Yes, I think the public agrees too. I'm hearing from small businesses and individuals in our riding. There have been massive penalties—$30,000 to sell your home. There seems to be an incredible amount of largesse, unprecedented in Canadian history, not accompanied by any responsibility at all. I appreciate your remarks.
I'd like to go to Mr. Semple now.
Mr. Semple, the NDP, of course, pushed for the wage subsidy. We wanted it to echo what you have said: Rather than losing their employees, businesses could have a wage subsidy. As a result of that, they can continue, through this pandemic and emerging out of it, to keep their labour force intact.
What you have said to us doesn't make any sense at all. In essence, because you've merged your firm, there is a takeover and you're not eligible for the wage subsidy. How have your discussions been with the finance ministry around this? You actually fit the ticket of what we pushed to have the wage subsidy set up for. What has been the response from the government so far?
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