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Those are good points. Thank you for that.
In the couple of minutes I have left, Mr. Carey, I'd like to turn to you and to the canola growers. I'd like to expand on your comments about the Canadian fuel standards.
In my riding we have a proponent, Cowichan Energy Alternatives. They want to expand their operations. They have sort of a bioenergy cluster where they're turning used cooking fuel into a diesel additive.
You mentioned that you wanted to go to 5%. Putting this in the context that I don't think our relations with China are going to get better any time soon, I'd like you to illustrate more about what kind of an economic shot in the arm this could represent if we got a clear direction from the federal government that we want these kinds of renewable fuel standards in place. What kind of investment would that lead to, especially in refining capacity in turning canola oil into a usable fuel additive?
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