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Thank you very much, Chair.
It's good to see our witnesses. Welcome to our virtual committee. It's good to see many of your faces again.
I'll start with Grain Growers of Canada.
Since we've started studying COVID-19's effects on agriculture and agri-food—we started back in early May; this is our seventh meeting on the subject—in some cases, it has felt very much like a continuation of our original study on the business risk management programs. We've heard a litany of complaints about how BRM programs are still not working and we need to see federal leadership.
Mr. Nielsen, I'm really sorry to hear that the current federal offers just aren't cutting it. I hope that this feedback is acted upon.
I will continue with what Mr. Barlow was touching on. When the federal agriculture minister says to producers that they need to start accessing these programs and making use of the money that's available in order for her to make the case to her cabinet colleagues that producers need more money, how do you respond to those comments?
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