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Thank you very much, Chair, and good afternoon to all of our witnesses. It's good to see you on my Zoom panel.
I'll start with the Dairy Farmers of Canada. I was one of the members of Parliament who received a technical briefing on the act to amend the Canadian Dairy Commission Act to give the commission increased borrowing authority.
During that technical briefing, the officials let us know that dairy farmers had been forced to dump 30 million litres of milk. I know that must have pained your members greatly because of the pride you have in our supply-managed system. When I heard that figure, and when we see all the foreign dairy products on our shelves, I kept on wondering about that. Would that have ever been necessary if we hadn't given away so much of our domestic market share?
I really appreciate your comments on how supply management, because of our ability to manage production, has allowed us to weather this storm we're in. Going forward, what kind of a commitment do you want to see so that we can build resiliency into our supply management system so it's there for future generations and we can withstand further shocks like this in the future?
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