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Thank you very much, Chair.
Thank you to our witnesses for helping us understand how this crisis is affecting yet more of our agri-food and agricultural sectors.
Maybe I will start with the mushroom growers. First I have a comment for Ms. Krayden.
Ms. Krayden, your comment about the two weeks' supply of face masks is very concerning, but it echoes concerns we've heard in other committees. At the government operations committee, we have had troubling questions about the status of our national stockpile. It's certainly something that we, as a country, really need to take note of.
Mr. Koeslag, I want to go back to your comments, because you were the one who said that mushroom growers are still fighting for access to major programs and that it's going to be too little, too late.
Before COVID-19, our committee was engaged in a study on the business risk management programs and a litany of complaints that exist.
Our federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food said earlier this week that farmers, growers and producers need to access already announced support programs in order for her to make the case in cabinet that more money is warranted. You're saying those programs are hard to access, but she's saying you need to access them before she makes the case for more money.
I would like to get your reaction to that, please.
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