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Thank you very much for that. The commitment was made today from the Prime Minister about the 10-day sick leave. It was something that I know our leader Jagmeet Singh had pushed very hard for. I hope that will come into play, because I think it is absolutely essential for all workers across the country.
With that being said, there is another piece I'm wondering about, Mr. Kassam. As a business owner, one issue that I know people have raised with me is the commercial rent subsidy. Many people are not able to access the commercial rent subsidy because it's the landlord who has to make the application as opposed to the small business owner.
The other criteria related to that is the landlord has to have a mortgage in order to apply. I have so many small businesses in my community that cannot access the commercial rent subsidy, and they are in a dire, dire situation. It is in nobody's interest, I think, for the government to not step in to help these small businesses survive the pandemic, and of course, not only for those businesses but also for the road to recovery for the country.
I'm wondering whether or not, as a small business owner, you have any comments with respect to the commercial rent subsidy. Should the government change the program so that small businesses themselves can apply? Do you agree that it should not be tied to a mortgage?
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