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Okay. I was hoping we could get in a couple of extra minutes because we were about 10 minutes late to start, but Angela has informed me that we have to be done by one o'clock. That's why we wrapped up some of the questions.
Greg, I know you had your hand up again. I apologize for that. We will try to get started on time next time, and that will leave a little bit more time.
My question is to everyone: Does the committee wish to report to the House that it has considered the certificate of nomination of Karen Hogan for the permanent position of Auditor General of Canada and reports its recommendation that she be confirmed by the House of Commons as Canada's 16th Auditor General?
Is there any discussion on this? We still have about five minutes. I see a thumbs-up from Mr. Longfield and Mr. Sorbara.
Mr. Green, did you want to comment?
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