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Thank you.
I know that a lot has been talked about on budgets and stuff, and I know that it's almost unfair that you come in here trying to be confirmed as the new AG and hear, “What's your plan for the budget?”
Should you be confirmed, and as we move forward, I guess my question, which maybe a lot of the committee is wondering about, is this. You probably wouldn't have a problem putting together budgetary requirements, given the fact that's been mentioned by a number of members, which is that we have all the performance audits and then a number of audits that Parliament has asked for, and now, on top of that, we have this COVID response. Before now, we heard you guys were already short $10 million or $11 million. I'm hoping that in the coming days and weeks—because I think it has been alluded to by a number of members—you wouldn't be opposed to putting together a number again to say, “Listen, we were short $10 million before, and with these huge responsibilities we have coming this year, we think we may need to look at that.” Obviously, you'll need some time to reflect upon that.
I'm going to guess that maybe our committee would be able to have a meeting again later to bring you back when you've had a chance to look at what's going on in the department. I know you are familiar with it, but now, if you should get the role of the AG, you will have new responsibilities. It may be unfair that we've asked you questions about budgetary things, but at the same time, you've been well aware of them just by being in the department.
Would you be willing to come back to committee in the coming weeks and months to talk about the challenges you see with all the additional things that have been asked of you, including performance audits, as has been mentioned by a number of members here throughout this committee?
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