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Lib. (ON)
I would absolutely agree with that.
One of the things is that when you have an audit done in the private sector, from whichever accounting firm, usually they'll give some language at the end when signing off on the audit; they don't provide a glowing recommendation. That would be great, I think, when the AG's reports are issued and where the government has done well, without giving them a pat on the back but at the same time recognizing the extraordinary efforts of our public officials, our public servants, in delivering programs.
For example, we put together the Canada emergency response benefit. It's being delivered to over eight million Canadians. Canadians can receive those funds in three days. When an audit takes place of such a program, where the AG is not seen as cheerleading—because we don't want that—we want to say, hey, the AG reports that it's been a transparent and effective program. Is there room in the AG's work for that type of verbiage to be utilized?
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