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I call this meeting to order. I want to welcome everyone to meeting number five of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Accounts. Pursuant to the order of reference of Monday, April 20, 2020, the committee is meeting to study the certificate of nomination of a permanent Auditor General of Canada, tabled in the House on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.
I remind you that all comments by members and the witness should be addressed through the chair. Before speaking, please wait until I recognize you by name. When you are ready to speak, you can either click on the microphone icon to activate your mike or you can hold down the space bar while you are speaking. I think you all know by know that when you release the bar your mike will mute itself, just like a walkie-talkie. It's preferable that you activate the microphone by clicking on the icon.
When speaking, please speak slowly and clearly. I'd also like to explain some guidelines regarding the interpretation channels to use during the video conference meeting. If you are speaking in English, please use the English channel. If you're speaking in French, please use the French channel. As you are speaking, if you plan to alternate from one language to the other, you will need to also switch the interpretation channel to the language you are speaking. You may also allow for a short pause when switching languages as I think that would be very helpful for the interpreters.
Before we get started, would everyone click on the screen in the top right-hand corner and ensure you're on gallery view. With this view, you'll be able to see in the grid everybody who is on the call, and you'll be able to see one another. I think most of you have probably already done that.
At the end of the meeting, we're going to take about 10 minutes to discuss the recommendation to the House.
I just want to mention, Ms. Hogan, that it's great to have you here today. This is probably a unique time in history. I believe you'd be the 13th permanent Auditor General in the country—now, that's according to Wikipedia, and I didn't get my analysts to verify that for me—and actually only the 16th person to sit in the role. This is a pretty significant meeting in terms of that, given the fact that we only see Auditors General come every 10 years.
This is a pretty significant meeting. I'm going to turn it over to you, Ms. Hogan. I want to welcome you. You will have your remarks, and then we'll have a chance to go around the room and ask some questions back and forth, just like we would in committee. We have until one o'clock. We'll move forward from here.
Welcome, Ms. Hogan. The floor is yours.
Result: 1 - 1 of 1

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