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Lib. (ON)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I want to start by acknowledging that I am on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.
I want to thank all of you ladies for joining us today. I wish we had a lot more time, and I wish I had more time.
To the ladies from Manitoba, Minister Vandal's office has reached out to you. Please watch for that. He'd very much like to speak to you both with regard to your concerns. Ms. Gazan brought them up yesterday in the House.
I also want to clarify that PPE off reserve is distributed by the provincial government. I know that's frustrating. We try to support them by accessing the material for them to distribute, but the actual distribution in urban settings and off reserve is provincial.
What I want to talk about ties into that, with the different jurisdictions. We've provided $55 billion over 10 years for a national housing strategy to try to end homelessness. That flows through the province and then to the municipality. We know there's a desire to end homelessness in local areas. I was speaking to Jesse Thistle on the weekend, and he said people want to end homelessness but they don't want to end indigenous homelessness. I would argue that when you talk about indigenous women who are homeless, it's even worse.
We've done an okay job of providing funding to violence against women shelters, but not shelters that cater to homeless indigenous women or women who may have an addiction or other things that mean they cannot access them.
I would love to hear from all of you on how we could better support and get more acceptance of the need to support indigenous women who are homeless, because they end up murdered, missing or in prison.
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