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I will let the minister know that seniors in rural and remote communities have been waiting months for this little bit of funding and have had no extra additions for services or supports for them.
The next subject that I want to talk about today is the concern around the Canadian border. I appreciate the 30-day extension that was announced today, but communities in my riding, rural and remote communities, have specific challenges and specific vulnerabilities that are challenging because of their limited health resources. In my riding, we saw an outbreak in one of our smaller communities that is accessible by ferry. The chief in council and the mayor in council were amazing and worked very hard during that time. Unfortunately, we did lose an elder to COVID-19.
I'm just wondering if the minister could inform us all how rural and small communities are being included in my riding and across Canada to address the issue of changing border-crossing abilities, because they are more vulnerable to COVID-19, and an outbreak in their communities can be absolutely devastating.
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