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Lib. (ON)
We're now at noon. I'll call this meeting to order.
Welcome to the ninth meeting of the House of Commons Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic.
I understand there is an agreement to observe a moment of silence in memory of Captain Jennifer Casey, a member of the Snowbirds team who died on Sunday in a crash in Kamloops.
[A moment of silence observed]
Today's meeting is taking place by video conference. Before speaking, please wait until I recognize you by name. When you're ready to speak, please activate your microphone. When you aren't speaking, leave your microphone on mute.
I would like to remind the honourable members that if you want to speak in English, you should be on the English channel, and if you want to speak in French, you should be on the French channel. Should you wish to alternate between the two languages, you should change the channel to the language that you are speaking each time you switch languages.
In addition, please direct your remarks through the chair and speak slowly and clearly all the time to help our interpreters.
Finally, we strongly recommend that you use the headsets. I noticed almost everyone has picked up a headset. It's very much appreciated, not only by your fellow members of Parliament but also by the interpreters.
I understand there are no ministerial announcements today.
We'll now go to presenting petitions for a period of not exceeding 15 minutes.
I would like to remind the members that any petition presented during a meeting of this special committee must have already been certified by the clerk of petitions.
Mr. Genuis.
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