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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Thank you to our witnesses for appearing today.
Ms. Ventin, maybe I'll start with you, Food & Consumer Products of Canada. I'll continue along the line of questioning you've already received. You mentioned that the CERB ran the risk of disincentivizing workers. However, when I speak to workers, and not only in my riding but across Canada, they're getting mixed messages, especially the ones in the essential services industries. We have seen massive COVID-19 outbreaks in some food processing centres. They're getting messages from public health officials that physical distancing measures are very much in place. Some of them also may have family members at home with compromised immune systems or may be in regular contact with elderly relatives. The CERB is $2,000 a month. If you look at the average costs of a Canadian household, that doesn't really stretch all that far.
I appreciate the comments you've made. I'd like to hear your thoughts from the point of view of the workers and the awkward position they find themselves in. They feel a lot of pressure to return to work, but many, I think, still have very great fears. In some provinces there are still some very large outbreaks going on.
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