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I will happily remind the government that we still have this issue and hopefully we can use this crisis to really illustrate the position that your industry is in and really move ahead with that, so thank you for those comments.
My last question will be to the United Potato Growers of Canada. Mr. MacIsaac, you really illustrated the tremendous hurdles that your industry is facing right now. There are a lot of options, and none of them look really good. I know the government has come forward with that $50 million, and it's welcome, but we may need to see more.
I'm just looking at the Herculean efforts we need to employ to move 760 million pounds of potatoes. How do we go about doing that? Do we need to employ a large-scale freight service? It may not all be able to be used as food, but one thing is for sure: those potatoes can't remain where they are.
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