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Lib. (ON)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
Mr. Lemaire, it's great to see you at our committee. It's not our first meeting. We've had the opportunity to have this discussion. Thanks for the call; as Ms. Rood talked about, we're all in this together. It was a global effort to try to resolve the TFW issue.
You and I have certainly had our fair share of calls—already about a month and a half ago, on this particular issue—but now I want you to talk to me about the challenges of your industry. We announced $77.5 million to help the sector adapt to COVID-related issues. I visited some plants, and some are automated. Are you speaking to some of your members about that? Are they looking at potentially automation to fight COVID? Plants are not designed now to respect physical distancing, for instance, so that has an impact on production.
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