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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much.
Absolutely, these are the seniors we're concerned about, and we're concerned about their mental health.
Something that I haven't had a chance to mention yet is that we've launched a new online portal called Wellness Together Canada. That's This is a portal that will help seniors to connect with those with the experience to be able to help them understand that they are not alone, even though they're isolated and it is a very scary time for them. It gives them the supports and the connections they need. That's so important at this time.
I do want to go back to the new horizons for seniors money that we've just announced and also to the money that is already in the communities through United Way Centraide and the new horizons for seniors regular organizations that have been supporting seniors. They have been incredibly creative. I was going to say this before with member Kate Young. We have seen incredible creativity. Let's just give you an example.
There is a program called HOPE. It has 150 seniors in the community who are part of its network. They usually get together twice a week to do yoga, and I think they make a lunch and have an education session on either diet or health—
Mr. Ryan Turnbull: Minister—
Hon. Deb Schulte: I'm sorry. Am I cutting off your time?
Anyway, I'm going off, but I just want you to know that we have been putting significant funding in the community and people have been picking it up, running with it and doing some incredible things to support seniors.
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