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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
I'll have some brief questions. I just want to make a comment to start. The idea of the CERB is to provide support for people who don't have other means. Somebody who quits their job because they don't have access to protective equipment, for example, should qualify for the CERB.
I find it a bit rich to be talking about widespread fraud when what we have in many cases are people who are just not meeting the strict criteria. That is why the universal benefit that Jagmeet Singh proposed makes such good sense. I hope the government continues to think about that because it would eliminate a lot of the problems that we are seeing.
My question, to the Department of Finance, is the question I asked the minister. I did not get a reply.
What is the budget for the LEEFF? What are the funds that are projected to be spent, the loans that are projected to be outlined for the LEEFF?
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