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Lib. (ON)
Our impact on climate change as a country is something that we take seriously. I've been working on this issue with my colleagues. We had a committee that did some work on sustainable finance a little more than a year ago. That gave some recommendations on how large businesses in particular could represent their climate impact in their financial disclosures and talk about how climate change could impact their businesses.
We see this as an important thing for businesses to consider. Many firms have moved forward in this regard, which is quite encouraging, including firms in all different sectors of the economy.
We saw that as something that was important for us to recognize. We needed it to be a condition for this program. We additionally know that our goals around the decarbonization of our environment by 2050 are important to Canadians. They are important to the world. We thought we needed to put that as an overall Canadian goal.
As we think about the large enterprise financing, which is protecting jobs and protecting businesses, we want to make sure that those businesses and those jobs are sustainable. That's how we got to the conclusion that this was going to be an important part of that consideration.
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