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Well, I think it's important to consider the aspects of this program that will guard against these challenges. You just pointed out one. Of course, companies that are convicted of tax evasion will not be eligible. But we've also been working together internationally to make sure the ability of companies to move money around, what's called base erosion and profit shifting, is more limited. That's actually reducing the scope for people to do the things without actually causing themselves to run afoul of the laws. That has been an important part of what we're doing.
Also, the condition in this new large enterprise facility will be that the money that goes is actually required to be used for Canadian operations, Canadian investments and protecting Canadian workers. That's an explicit condition of what we're doing here.
We've guarded against this, Peter, in multiple ways. Obviously, the work we've been doing for years has been reducing the ability of firms to do this. We're limiting it to those firms that have not run afoul of the law, and we're also focusing the investments, so they must be in Canada, for Canadian investments and for Canadian employees. Fundamentally we're trying to make sure that Canadian employment at these large organizations stays vibrant as we go through this challenging time.
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