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I would disagree with your answer regarding how what we are doing compared to what other countries are doing and best practices, but I'll move on to another issue.
Other countries have actually limited the use of public funds to companies that use overseas tax havens. With the rollout of the LEEFF we have seen this week, you said specifically it is only those companies convicted of tax evasion. I'm tempted to ask very cheekily how many companies involved in the Panama Papers, in the Paradise Papers, or in the Isle of Man scam have actually been convicted of tax evasion. But we know the answer. It's absolutely zero. Over 90% of Canada's largest companies use overseas tax havens, companies like Cargill, that have been involved in the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Cargill uses an overseas tax haven.
Many of the companies in the Paradise Papers and the Panama Papers use overseas tax havens. Can you confirm that if those companies, like Cargill, meet the other criteria, despite this open practice of using overseas tax havens, they will qualify for use of the LEEFF?
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