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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Thanks, Mr. Morneau, for being here yet again. You've been very accessible throughout this crisis. To you as well as to the families of the public servants who were here today, we hope that everyone in your households continues to be safe and healthy.
I'm going to ask some questions. I hope to have concise answers.
I'm going to start with the fact that we all know, which is that families are struggling and that small businesses are struggling, and yet the programs that the government has rolled out haven't provided the universal supports that many people were hoping for, and therefore many people can't access the CERB and many small business owners can't access the wage subsidy or access the commercial rent relief. There are conditions that limit those programs.
That's why there is some concern with the LEEFF, which is the new program that you've announced. There's that contradiction because, despite the fact that other countries, like the United Kingdom, have banned executive bonuses, stock buybacks and dividend payments because of their use of public funds, in Canada, the approach that you're suggesting taking is simply to cap those. What are you capping in terms of executive bonuses? Are they capped at $1 million or $2 million? How much are you budgeting for this new program?
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