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Lib. (ON)
Thank you.
I think what we're seeing across the country in many, many different sectors, whether it be in business sectors or in levels of government, is really significant stress. So many people are impacted and so many things that we take as normal activities are impacted by the coronavirus challenge, so it is not a surprise that we're seeing some stresses at the municipal level. Obviously, our support of people has been critically important, because that's important for the municipal level. Our support of businesses is important, in terms of those businesses and municipalities.
I do think it's appropriate what you said in your remarks—that municipalities do work with provinces. I think it's important for us to say that we expect for that continuing relationship to stay strong and for provinces to be the funders for municipalities.
That said, we do know that we all need to work together in facing up to this challenge, and we are endeavouring to do that. When we get requests, we consider them carefully, because that's appropriate at this challenging time. This request, like all others, we'll be considering carefully, knowing, of course, that it's also critically important for the provinces to be stepping forward in that regard.
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