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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much, Chair.
Thank you to all of our witnesses today. You have valuable insights to help our seniors, particularly those living in long-term care, and obviously you feel very passionate.
I'd like to turn to the question of the physical structure particularly at long-term care homes, retirement homes. Ms. Hall, you referenced this in your remarks, and I understand you've done a number of interviews on that particular subject.
Here in York Region, in our municipal homes, actually, one was redeveloped about 20 years ago. There was sufficient space to have nearly all single rooms and a couple of double rooms particularly for couples who obviously might want to be together in the same facility. In fact, of our two facilities here in York Region, neither has had a COVID-19 outbreak.
I would ask you to talk a little more about the importance of what the government might do to assist in the redevelopment.
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