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Thank you, Mr. Duncan, for a lot of that information. I certainly appreciate it.
I just have to say, though, I am a little frustrated by this conversation. I don't know how many witnesses said to us repeatedly that we simply have not had enough time in this committee to fully study what we are trying to do.
For me, when I look at some of these, I understand what I've agreed to; I understand the first recommendation that we worked so hard on, but what I see there is a process that needs to unfold, and right now, in my opinion, we are not in a place of being able to say that we're going to do virtual voting. We haven't discussed a whole mess of factors here. I'm concerned that it feels to me as though the committee, or maybe it's more the governing side, really just wants to push this report through and get everything done and tied up in a bow, while I really hope that PROC continues this important work.
This is for the benefit of our democracy. I want to be clear that this is not about a report. For me, this is about having a fundamental discussion about what democracy looks like in the middle of a pandemic. This can't be taken lightly.
We can compare ourselves to the U.K., and I understand why we do that, but it's also important that we remember that this is a Canadian context. There are realities here that we have to address. When we look at this, I feel that we have not done the amount of research that we should. We have not had the number of witnesses that we should.
Mr. Turnbull, I have read all of the material, just as well, with a great deal of interest. There's a lot there, but there are questions arising out of that content for me that I don't have answered. Therefore, I just want to push again that I don't think we're ready for this step. It has to be an incremental approach. I believe that the work of PROC should not be finished tonight, but we should continue on to some next steps.
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