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I have a lot of questions about these, actually.
First of all, I'm a little confused. When I read this recommendation, I started to feel confused. Are we talking about COVI as a committee or are we talking about a virtual Parliament? Because if we are in a virtual Parliament, the rules of the House would continue, from what I understand, and the rules outline most of these issues, so I feel a bit confused about what we're talking about.
Another thing I saw, both in LIB 11 and in BQ 9, is that I want to understand if this commits the House of Commons to something. What I mean by that is, if we're going to have a uniform sign that is behind every member, is that a task that we're giving Parliament? We're talking about things like adequate lighting. Again, when we put these things in there, I get confused about what tasks we're actually adding to the House. I don't want somebody to be coming to Campbell River to figure out my lighting. I just want us to note that.
To go back to my original issue, are we talking about a committee or are talking about actually having a virtual Parliament. If it's a hybrid or a virtual Parliament, I feel a bit confused about that.
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