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Lib. (ON)
I want to comment on Ms. Blaney's comments and others I've heard.
The fundamental aspect of a virtual Parliament, which we just passed as a committee, is making sure that we prepare a set of standing orders for a virtual Parliament.
This second recommendation just asks the House administration to make sure that we have the capacity. We heard about Internet issues, headsets, and all that type of stuff. This recommendation asks that the House be ready in its capacity and operations to meet what we said in recommendation one. It is not a requirement that the House move to recommendation one. It asks that the House prepare itself for the time when we as members of Parliament choose to implement recommendation one.
I wanted to make sure that clarification was added because recommendation one only talks about the standing orders. It doesn't talk about the hardware, the software, and the preparation that needs to take place in order for us to get there.
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