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Lib. (ON)
Okay, we have leeway but we're not sure for how long. I think we should keep moving forward and see how much progress we can make until we're told.... I can tell you we don't have all night. We do need a support team to do this, and the clerk will let me know as soon as he knows how much longer we can go.
At this time, I'd like to move on to CPC 2.
Do we have agreement to adopt CPC 2?
It doesn't seem that there's agreement on it at this point. Mr. Richards, Mr. Brassard, Mr. Duncan and Mr. Tochor, would you like a recorded vote on CPC 2?
An hon. member: Yes, please.
The Chair: Justin, could we have a recorded vote on CPC 2, please.
(Text of recommendation negatived: nays 6; yeas 5 [See Minutes of Proceedings])
The Chair: Andre, may I have you remove BQ 10 and NDP 2 from the report since that has been addressed, and I'll remind you that none of them will be identified by party at the end. It's a collaborative effort.
We are moving on to NDP 1.
Is everyone willing to adopt NDP 1? There seems to be general consensus on this one.
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