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First of all, let me thank Mr. Richards for talking earlier about what a kind, gentle person I am. I appreciate that, and I want to let him know that I certainly know when it's time to fight. I thank him for recognizing that friendly British Columbia spirit.
The first recommendation that Mr. Turnbull put forward, which combined the three motions and included the part that of course I stand by very steadfastly, about making sure that all the parties have power in this, is important to me. I want to clarify that I do not want to see those sections of the motion separated. I don't think they belong.... I can't vote for the first one without the part added to it, which says that all recognized parties will have the power to work.
I think it's important to reiterate that this is what we have seen. It has not always been perfect, but what we've seen is that over this period of time, all recognized parties have found ways to work together. I would like to see that continue. I think it is absolutely essential for democracy.
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