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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Richards, I'm just asking for your permission. I was just clarifying something with the clerk to try to get a better understanding of the procedure here, and I have been told that if I were to interject and ask Mr. Turnbull a question, it would be possible. The Simms protocol means you having a conversation with Mr. Turnbull, but if I were to ask for a point of clarification from Mr. Turnbull, you would still have the floor. It wouldn't be using the Simms protocol. We wouldn't really be going into that without everybody agreeing to that friendly protocol, but it would provide some clarification for me, I think, as to where we're headed, since it's 5:09 now on the clock.
Mr. Turnbull, would you be able to provide me with some clarification on the amendment you proposed? It was proposed with a friendly amendment attached to it. What are your thoughts and what are you thinking on that?
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