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I don't know how, frankly, we're going to land on an agreement given the fact that we're under the gun here on what constitutes an agreement, whether it's an all-party agreement or whether it's a majority vote. I don't know how we're going to land there in the context of what we're studying today. Maybe we need to move this particular part of the recommendation forward for a future study and then deal with it in the context of the COVID-19 crisis that we're dealing with today, Madam Chair.
I think we're almost putting the cart before the horse with respect to what a future Parliament might look like. We've talked about virtual Parliament before. What does a virtual Parliament look like? Well, we have a virtual Parliament as it exists today, but maybe a hybrid model or something to that effect is something that we should be talking about as opposed to.... Maybe that should be our recommendation. We're going to recommend to Parliament that we move to a hybrid model as opposed to dealing with a fully functioning virtual Parliament with extraordinary circumstances and trying to define that with our backs up against the wall, with a six o'clock deadline—an hour and forty minutes from now—with many relevant questions that need to be answered on this.
My concern is that we put forward a set of recommendations that really are not reflective of what we should be doing as this committee. That's where I'm at. I have a problem with many of these recommendations in that they're almost too forward-looking, given the context of what we were mandated to study right now.
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